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You may have been told, or told someone else, "It's not all about you!". But what if it is all about you? In a metaphysical or 'more than physical' way, it is all about you, and the opposite is also true. It's all about others, but since everyone is connected and in many way reflecting each other, then it is all about you (even when it appears to be about them). This is why observing other people's behavior and examioning ourselves for the same behavior, is a great path to personal empowerment. Everyone we meet is a teacher in their own way.

We can't change others. All change must start with each one of us. We change ourselves, and then the change spreads or is reflected in those around us. It's a bit like a new fashion or new diet fad. Once one person adopts it with success then it spreads to others. So in this way, it is all about you - and each one of us - and we can change the world, starting with our own selves.

This week's articles are focused on change... changing ourselves and changing the things we have "control" over (which, of course, is never other people). And, it is always good to envision the changes we desire, both within ourselves and in the world around us, and see them as definite possibilities, not impossibilities or even improbabilities. Belief is the key. Can we change the world? Yes, we can! And it starts with changing ourselves and by seeing everything and everyone through the eyes of Love.

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Wishing you enjoyable insightful reading, and of course a wonder-full, joy-full, health-full, and loving week. 

Marie T. Russell and Robert Jennings
"New Attitudes...New Possibilities"



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How to Go All-In to Live Your Best Life

Author: Jeanne Collins

What if you asked yourself, "Do I make myself a priority?" How would you answer? Most of us would hesitate before boldly declaring "Sometimes yes!"...
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a young woman holding a lantern in a dark wormhole-like cave

The Ideal? Living in Peaceful Unity -- The Problem? The Ego-Based Mind

Author: Jaime A. Pineda, PhD

Living in peaceful unity seems like an ideal because who has not occasionally strayed from that to experience worries, anxiety, uninhibited thoughts, overwhelming feelings, and seeing no way out of difficult circumstances?
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woman sitting on the floor looking out through the cracks of a venetian blinds of a window

False Belief: It Is Weak to be Afraid

Author: Lawrence Doochin

Life brings us a lot of pointers that are intended to help awaken us to greater realities and perspectives beyond the limited ways in which we see ourselves and the world. Understanding our fears is at the top of the list.
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Trust, Honesty, and Vulnerability: The Surprising Benefits of Sharing Secrets

Author: Alex Jordan,

We often hesitate to spill the beans on the darker aspects of our lives, fearing judgment and scorn from others.
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a smilingmother crouching down with her son

In My Life as a Parent: Patience, the Unpopular Virtue

Author: Celia Landman

My child’s pain is always calling me into a new relationship with my highest intentions. The difficulties I encounter smooth the rough edges of my heart and mind, giving me more wisdom, balance, and capacity as long as I have the courage to be near the pain.
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two women facing each other having coffee

Why Do We Take Things Personally?

Author: Coline Monsarrat

We know how taking thi
ngs personally affects us in a negative way. We know it is a bad habit, but it seems complicated to resist the thoughts that come to our minds.
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combatting lonely 1 8

The Secret to Beating Loneliness: It's Not What You Think

Author: Alex Jordan,

Loneliness, a universal human experience, often conjures images of an aching heart yearning for connection. However, recent insights suggest that our understanding of loneliness requires a more profound examination beyond the need to belong.
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future of jobs 1 8

The Future of Jobs: Balancing AI with Human Work

Author: Robert Jennings,

As we approach the 2024 elections, we must assess our economic landscape critically. Recent years have seen fluctuations in inflation and wages, impacting not just our personal finances but also the democratic fabric of our society.
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norfork flooding 1 10

Sinking Cities: The Hidden Threat to the US East Coast

Author: Alex Jordan,

The U.S. East Coast is facing a critical environmental challenge: major cities are experiencing significant land sinking.
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Understanding Resilience: The Psychologist's Guide to Stress Management

Author: Rachel Goldsmith Turow, Seattle University

What is resilience? A psychologist explains the main ingredients that help people manage stress...
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Short-Term Thinking for Long-Term Health Goals

Author: Kaitlin Woolley and Paul Stillman

Focus on right now, not the distant future, to stay motivated and on track to your long-term health goals...
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Catnip and Pet Safety: What Cat Owners Should Know

Author: Mia Cobb and Anne Quain

Are catnip and treats like it safe for cats? Here’s how they affect their minds and moods...
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Why Absolute Certainty in Finance Remains an Illusion

Author: Benoît Béchard, Université Laval

No one can predict how financial markets will behave with absolute certainty. Here’s why...
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The Psychology of Zoom Backgrounds: Plants and Bookcases Win

Author: Paddy Ross, Durham University

Plants and bookcases in, living rooms and blank walls out: how your Zoom background can make you seem more competent...
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Consumer Beware: The Silent Role of Misinformation

Author: Giandomenico Di Domenico, Cardiff University

How subtle forms of misinformation affect what we buy and how much we trust brands...
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AI: Harnessing the Promethean Fire of the Digital Age

Author: Randolph Grace, University of Canterbury

Future historians may well regard 2023 as a landmark in the advent of artificial intelligence (AI). But whether that future will prove utopian, apocalyptic or somewhere in between is anyone’s guess.
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The Surprising Connection Between Animal Hibernation and Human Longevity

Author: Peter Stenvinkel, Karolinska Institutet

The curious link between animal hibernation and ageing – and what humans could learn from it...
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Active Kids or Overscheduled? Finding the Right Extracurricular Mix

Author: Marissa Nivison and Sheri Madigan, University of Calgary

Active or overscheduled kids? How parents can consider benefits and risks of extracurricular activities...
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The Vulnerability of the Modern Self in Political Thought

Author: Barry Richards, Bournemouth University

Why have authoritarianism and libertarianism merged? A political psychologist on ‘the vulnerability of the modern self’...
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This Week's Astrological Overview

Astrological Overview and Horoscope: January 15 - 21, 2024

Author: Pam Younghans

Shinto Gate during daytime

This weekly astrological journal is based on planetary influences, and offers perspectives and insights to assist you in making the best use of current energies. This column is not intended as prediction. Your own experience will be more specifically defined by transits to your personal chart.
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