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We usually think of miracles as wonderful things that happen... either to us or others. They are usually happy occasions, marvelous, fantastic, mind-blowing. But miracles come in many shapes and forms.

This week we shed light on other events in our life that can also turn out to have miraculous end-results... the death of a loved one leading to a connection with the afterlife, a divorce developing into a renewed friendship, a change of perspective and attitude that can change everything.

Miracles can be something that starts out with a sad situation, but ends up as a gift. In my own life I can think of several situations that seemed disastrous when they occured, and that then turned into miraculous scenarios. -- Marie

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Wishing you enjoyable insightful reading, and of course a wonder-full, joy-full, health-full, and loving week. 

Marie T. Russell and Robert Jennings
"New Attitudes...New Possibilities"


young woman looking out at some trees

The Miracle Comes Together...Just Like That!

Author: Joyce & Barry Vissell

My heart nearly skipped a beat. "What an amazing coincidence!" (I didn't yet believe in miracles or divine guidance.)
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a couple seen from the back looking out at a house

Happy Family 2.0: Life After Divorce

Author: Darlene Taylor

The thing about divorce that is hard to remember is that as much as it is happening to you, your partner, and your children, it’s also happening to everyone else in your little world. Your friends, your extended family, everyone is affected.
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silhouette of a person walking on a railroad track towards the light

The Pain and Loss of Death: The Ultimate Healer and Teacher

Author: Mark Ireland

It was a cruel synergist that moved me to explore life’s deepest mysteries. This had been my father’s path, but it was not mine—at least not until now.
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young girl in a pose of successful achievement

Six Ways to Tackle Imposter Syndrome

Author: Coline Monsarrat

Let’s explore ways to train our brain so we can stride confidently into life’s grand meeting room, project our voice with conviction and aplomb, flipping the script on imposter syndrome.
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Discover the Health-Boosting Ingredients of Traditional Gingerbread

Author: Hazel Flight, Edge Hill University

Gingerbread is a delicious yet ancient staple of the holiday season — and its spices may have some surprising health benefits...
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cultural health therapy 12 8

Going to a Museum? The Health Advantages of Cultural Therapy

Author: Emma Dupuy, Université de Montréal

Could visiting a museum be the secret to a healthy life?
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dualing climate change forecasts 12 8

Clashing Views on Climate Change: James Hansen vs. Michael Mann

Author: Robert Chris and Hugh Hunt

The disagreement between two climate scientists that will decide our future...
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fitness and longevety 12 8

New Insights on Exercise and Aging from the Finnish Twins Study

Author: George M. Savva, Quadram Institute

Does exercise really do nothing for longevity, as a Finnish twins study suggests?
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dogs without humans 12 7

Dogs in a World Without Us: What Happens Then?

Author: Bradley Smith and Mia Cobb

If humans disappeared, what would happen to our dogs? For many of us, dogs are our best friends. But have you wondered what would happen to your dog if we suddenly disappeared? Can domestic dogs make do without people?
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ocd thoughts 11 7

Obsessive Thoughts Unveiled: The Broader Spectrum of OCD

Author: Eva Surawy Stepney, University of Sheffield

OCD is so much more than handwashing or tidying. As a historian with the disorder, here’s what I’ve learned...
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feeding birds in winter 11 7

Winter Bird Feeding: More Than Just Sustenance

Author: Hannah Watson, Lund University

How bird feeders help small species fight infection...
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intelectual humility 12 7

Beyond Overconfidence: How Intellectual Humility Shapes Science

Author: Michael Dickson, University of South Carolina

Intellectual humility is a key ingredient for scientific progress...
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technology time wasting 11 12 6

Reclaiming Your Time: Strategies for Beating Technology's Time Drain

Author: Ruth Ogden, Liverpool John Moores University et al

Technology is stealing your time in ways you may not realise – here’s what you can do about it...
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christmess movie review 12 6

Christmess: The Heartfelt Christmas Movie of the Year

Author: Ari Mattes, University of Notre Dame Australia

Christmess is undoubtedly one of the best Christmas films to emerge – from anywhere – in recent years...
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spotting dementia 12 6

Spotting the Signs: What to Do If You Suspect Your Partner Has Dementia

Author: Kate Irving, Dublin City University

More than a third of people with dementia don’t know they have it – what to do if you suspect your partner has the condition...
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christmas songs 12 6

The Heartfelt Story Behind "Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas"

Author: Dominic Broomfield-McHugh, University of Sheffield

Eighty years ago this week, Judy Garland walked into an MGM studio and recorded Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas for the first time.
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extreme heat 12 6

The Long Shadow of Human-Induced Climate Change: Implications for the Next 50,000 Years

Author: Jan Zalasiewicz, University of Leicester et al

The climate change we caused is here for at least 50,000 years – and probably far longer...
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a stressed young woman with her hands over her face

Why Do Small Choices Feel Stressful?

Author: Yaniv Hanoch, University of Southampton

Why everyday decisions feel so stressful – and what to do about it...
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chritmas tree alergies 12 5

'Tis the Season for Allergies: Managing Christmas Tree Syndrome

Author: Samuel J. White and Philippe B. Wilson, Nottingham Trent University

Christmas tree syndrome: why the festive evergreen can make your nose run – and what you can do about it...
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is american democracy an experiment 12 5

American Democracy: An Ongoing Experiment in Freedom

Author: Thomas Coens, University of Tennessee

Why Franklin, Washington and Lincoln considered American democracy an ‘experiment’ – and were unsure if it would survive...
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math and AI breakthrough 12 5

The Significance of AI in Mathematics: OpenAI's New Breakthrough

Author: Tom Oliver, University of Westminster

Why OpenAI developing an artificial intelligence that’s good at maths is such a big deal...
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This Week's Astrological Overview

Astrological Overview and Horoscope: December 11-17, 2023

 Author: Pam Younghans, NorthPoint Astrology

man standing on seashore facing a thin sliver of moon

This weekly astrological journal is based on planetary influences, and offers perspectives and insights to assist you in making the best use of current energies. This column is not intended as prediction. Your own experience will be more specifically defined by transits to your personal chart. (See section below for video version.)
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