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There are many tools available to us to help us gain clarity on our lives and on our own inner workings. Some of these tools are physical, others psychological, others spiritual. Yet no matter the tool and how we choose to use it, our intention is a key to results.

As they do every week, our authors bring you tools, insights, information, and suggestions as to how to create a healthier and happier life for yourself and for the world around you. 

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Marie T. Russell and Robert Jennings
"New Attitudes...New Possibilities"


old photos of a military man and his wife

How to Stop Family History from Repeating Itself

Author: John Campbell

When I was studying for a certificate in counselling, we had to create a ‘genogram.’ This is similar to a family tree, but in addition to recording the names and dates of births, deaths, marriages, etc. of each family member, we were also required to do little biographies on…
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darts in a tree, side by side

The How-to and Why of Setting Intentions

Author: Bill Philipps

One of the most underrated superpowers most of us don’t even realize we have is the ability to manifest our desires into reality by setting intentions.
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3 adults standing outside looking very fearful and stressed

Can Emotions Be Contagious and Go Viral?

Author: Jacqueline Heller, MD

Trauma can be social, even global, as well as individual. Man-made social cataclysms and natural disasters influence the herd mentality.
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quartz crystal

How to Clear Crystals and the Self

Author: Johndennis Govert and Hapi Hara

Purification is a practice found in all spiritual systems. When working with crystal energy and integrating intention, it is beneficial to use clearing rituals. Remember that clearing yourself is even more important than clearing the crystal.
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an astrology chart, an open book and a pen

Testing the Validity of Astrology: Can It Be Done?

Author: Bruce Scofield

Testing astrology is difficult, in part, because of the constantly changing cosmic environment and, consequently, the individual nature of each astrological chart.
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two people sitting by the ocean

Someone Has Told You They’re Self-Harming. Now What?

Author: Penelope Hasking, Curtin University and Stephen P. Lewis, University of Guelph

Someone has told you they’re self-harming. Now what?
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AI-Generated Faces Look Just like Real Ones

AI-Generated Faces Look Just like Real Ones

Author: Robin Kramer, University of Lincoln

AI-generated faces look just like real ones – but evidence shows your brain can tell the difference...
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Baking a Difference: Choosing Flour for Sourdough Starters

Author: Matt Shipman-NC State

One surprise was that rye flour fostered a much wider diversity of bacteria than any other type of flour...
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know your words 11 9

Unlock the Secrets of Your Brain's Word Vault

Author: Nichol Castro, University at Buffalo

Your mental dictionary is part of what makes you unique ? here’s how your brain stores and retrieves words...
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young woman sitting outside alone

It Takes a Lot of Alone Time to Start Feeling Lonely

Author: Niranjana Rajalakshmi-U. Arizona

Researchers have analyzed the relationship between loneliness and aloneness—and found that they are two different things that aren’t closely correlated.
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mindfull eating 11 7

Achieve a Heart-Healthy Lifestyle with Mindful Eating Techniques

Author: Corrie Pikul-Brown

Participants in the program showed significant improvement in adherence to a heart-healthy diet, which is one of the biggest drivers of blood pressure, as well as significant improvements in self-awareness, which appears to influence healthy eating habits.
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beatels now and then 11 7

The Beatles Embrace AI: 'Now and Then' Blends Past with Present

Author: Jadey O'Regan and Paul (Mac) McDermott, University of Sydney

Is Now and Then really a Beatles song? The fab four always used technology to create new music...
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salt and diabetes 11 7

Could Your Saltshaker Be Linked to Diabetes Risk?

Author: Duane Mellor, Aston University

When people think of foods related to type 2 diabetes, they often think of sugar (even though the evidence for that is still not clear). Now, a new study from the US points the finger at salt.
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know your internal clock 11 6

Align Your Clock: How Knowing Your Chronotype Can Enhance Productivity

Author: Cindi May, College of Charleston

What’s your chronotype? Knowing whether you’re a night owl or an early bird could help you do better on tests and avoid scams...
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bood test for aging 11 6

Blood Tests Now Unlocking Secrets to Dementia and Stroke Risks

Author: Jonathan Ka Long Mak and Sara Hägg, Karolinska Institutet

Your biological age predicts dementia and stroke regardless of your actual age – new study...
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Intersectionality Explained: From Feminism to Critical Race Theory

Author: Christina Hymer, University of Tennessee

What is intersectionality? A scholar of organizational behavior explains...
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This Week's Astrological Overview

Astrological Overview and Horoscope: November 13-19, 2023

Author: Pam Younghans, NorthPoint Astrology

Moon meets (from left to right) Callisto, Ganymede, Jupiter, Io, and Europa.

This weekly astrological journal is based on planetary influences, and offers perspectives and insights to assist you in making the best use of current energies. This column is not intended as prediction. Your own experience will be more specifically defined by transits to your personal chart.  (See video section below for the link to the video version of this article.)
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