People are gradually adopting more sustainable lifestyles, but many find it hard to change habits and often don’t know where to start their sustainability journey.

China is the world’s single largest emitter, accounting for 27% of the world’s carbon dioxide and a third of all greenhouse gas emissions.

The disagreement between two climate scientists that will decide our future

The climate change we caused is here for at least 50,000 years – and probably far longer

In 2000, Nobel Prize-winning atmospheric chemist Paul J. Crutzen proposed that the epoch known as the Holocene, which started some 11,700 years ago, had reached its end.

As the latest UN climate change summit (COP28) gets underway in Dubai, conversations around limiting global warming to 1.5°C will confront a harsh reality.

The relationship between the US and China is the most important in the world, and it has been unstable and sometimes under extreme stress in recent years.

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