To Know Consciously is the Birth of the New Tantric Human

One day the Buddha was walking with Ananda, his favorite disciple. He was deeply engrossed in answering a question. A fly landed on Buddha's forehead and he vigorously shooed it away. At that moment he stopped what he was doing and repeated the act. Ananda asked him, "Why are you shooing the fly away again, when it has gone?" Buddha replied, "I was so engrossed in your question that I was unconscious of what I had done. I am doing it again, to know it consciously." 

This is the essence of Western Tantra: "to know it consciously".

Tantra: Giving and Receiving

The Tantric act is a giving and a receiving. There is no taking. When giving and receiving reach their highest level of intensity then No-One is left. There is simply Love.

It is easier to discuss Love in the negative sense since being immersed in Love is beyond the subject/object duality and beyond time and space. Time and space are the ultimate signposts for logic, languages, definitions, and philosophical systems. However, they are useless when we try to define Love.

Returning to the Source

To Know Consciously is the Birth of the New Tantric HumanLove is not rational, nor is it the yearning for some person. Love is the core element of the Universe. Those individuals who frequently talk of love know little of it. More often they are feeling the compelling need to give or to receive the impossible. More often they are speaking of control, guilt, loneliness, or sex. Love is more; it is the compelling need to Merge -- to Melt -- to return to the Source. As the source is One, so must the Tantric couple finally disappear. What is left is simply Love itself.

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The formula is simple. First there is Wholeness, then there is Division, then there is Wholeness. The second Wholeness is different from the first in that the major portion of it has to be earned. The remainder is added as a gift.

Ordinary life doesn't give us this opportunity and neither do our religions. We are too steeped in our needs and our ego. We are fighting off feelings of vulnerability, ineffectualness, loneliness, and death. To return to the Source is an experience out of the space-time continuum. It is without Thing/ness. Unlike other experiences, however, when it reaches sufficient depth a crystallization occurs which changes our whole orientation toward life. We realize at once that we are nearing Home.

Divided We Fall

Although we are born with this sense, we lose it in the natural process of becoming adults. To become an adult we must learn division. We are taught that the other is not us, that she/he is a potential enemy. We are taught to hold on to ourselves, never to rest or to let go. We are taught to identify with the things for which we strive. We are taught to believe that language is reality.

Our relationships are frequently empty and hollow. More often then not, they reflect our need for status, for power and escape. We demand the impossible from ourselves and everyone else. We are asleep, sound asleep, being lived by our instincts and learned habits of behavior, yet all the time believing that we are awake, conscious, and in charge.

Much of the misery in the world is the result of the frustrated desire to return, to melt, to merge, to be one. What I have presented in Secrets of Western Tantra is one way of making the journey. It will only help you if you work at it. This does not mean that you have to give up living your ordinary life. It does require a few hours of work each week. At some point real change will begin to happen. You will crystallize into the being you have always been but have forgotten. You will merge back into the whole, this time not as an ignorant infant, but as an innocent person. Once this transformation has taken place you will no longer have to ask any questions. You will be the answer. 

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Secrets of Western Tantra: The Sexuality of the Middle Path
by Christopher S. Hyatt, Ph.D.

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