The Yoni Egg: A Key to Female Energy, Inner Beauty, and Self-Confidence
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I first heard about yoni eggs in Chiang Mai, Thailand, several years ago. I was there to interview Mantak Chia about longevity and Taoist practices, when I discovered that practice.

I was immediately intrigued by this small, oval, polished stone and wanted to know more. I wanted to learn more about it and test it. I was excited to discover a “women’s secret” that would allow me to free my female energy, reveal my inner beauty, and restore my self-confidence. I was single, and those concepts became a recurring theme for me.

I cannot say that, at the beginning, I felt completely casual about inserting the egg into my body. It quickly made me aware of a few things, mainly my ignorance about my intimate anatomy. It became clear that I was more interested in this part of my body as an object of desire, pleasure, and lust than as something that could reveal the power of my inner femininity. I was confronted by my shame, my carelessness, and my ignorance, but thanks to this small object, I was immediately prepared to learn more about the yoni.

The Yoni? No, My Yoni!

What a sweet name for describing this most intimate part of my body! What tenderness and complicity is given off by this word for describing my sex organ! I placed my right hand over this part of my body and, while my heart beat wildly, said, “My yoni,” in a tone of friendliness and goodwill, and I felt the first signs of a gentle complicity and an enthralling chapter of my life.

What could truly be hidden in this secret cave? Could my yoni conceal secrets even more extraordinary than pleasure and enjoyment?

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Several days later, after having asked a few questions about this mysterious yoni egg, I decided to make my first attempt. “Oooohhhh!” “Oops!” “Aaahhhhh!” And finally “gotcha!” as my egg was sucked in by my yoni!

The stone was now peacefully and serenely positioned inside me. I took a deep breath and stood up. I could not feel it inside me, yet something was different.

Subtle Changes

Over the following days, I quickly noticed that my relationship to men was evolving. I felt more trusting, calm, and sensual. I had less and less need for attention, compliments, and love. I had rediscovered this part of my body; I was giving it my attention and listening to it more every day.

The more my sex organ relaxed and opened, the more at home in myself I felt. I began giving off a subtle, almost tangible power. Men became interested in me no longer just sexually but for the woman I was! This was a first. Could my perception, presence, and attention have transformed so quickly? Was it the effect of the stone, the aura released by my yoni, my quest, or simply my new questions that allowed me to experience these new events, or was it simply coincidence?

My regular experience with the yoni egg, accompanied by expert advice, quickly led me to realize that coincidence had nothing to do with it. With one full year of practice under my belt, I returned to Thailand to film a series of interviews that would allow me to become better informed about the amazing secrets of the yoni egg, and to make these secrets better known.

Broadcasted on YouTube, these interviews inspired thousands of women to experiment with the power of the yoni egg practice. Faced with growing demand from viewers who came my way, I began offering yoni eggs on my website. This led to a tsunami of questions and inspiring testimonies.

Just as the yoni egg had immediately impressed itself upon me, the response from thousands of women made it immediately evident that I had to write this book. I felt a desire to share the liberating qualities of this practice and to bring this women’s secret back into the world. It became obvious that I had to follow my soul and heart’s calling into this grand adventure into the sacred feminine. I would be led.

The How To and How Not To

You cannot just use it anyway you choose. Inserting an object into your body is, understandably, grounds for questioning. Some readers will be more at ease than others at first contact with the egg. The yoni egg practice is adaptable to many individuals of various ages, lifestyles, and ­experiences—including women who have had painful experiences—and also in accordance with our feelings and desires.

Like all practices, using the yoni egg requires regularity, listening to your inner self, and taking the time to experience the messages and changes within your body and in your life. I learned that it was an intuitive process and that giving a voice to our yoni was precious in our evolution into the sacred feminine.

The Results

In complete complicity and in complete respect of your yoni, this practice will allow understanding of your inner wisdom and magnificence within, and it will help you activate the true power that has not yet seen the light inside of you—the power of your radiant femininity.

Many women have admitted to me that they feel more alive, serene, and “sensual” thanks to their egg. It is my wish that the egg can help us to be confident and free in our body and in making decisions that truly matter to us.

We have a voice that is calling to be heard. We are evolving as women to the next stage, to participate more actively and freely in a new world where old preoccupations such as intellect, competition, fear, and perfection are no longer the way to thrive and succeed.

It is my intention that, by freeing your body from restrictive memories, you will find the courage to realize and manifest your potent inner beauty in complete serenity. I also wish for you to become witness to a new world hatching before your very eyes, sparkling with excitement and joy.

I am wholeheartedly with you in this new stage of your life.

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The Yoni Egg: Reveal and Release the Sacred Feminine Within
by Lilou Macé

The Yoni Egg: Reveal and Release the Sacred Feminine Within by Lilou MacéIn this step-by-step guide, Lilou Macé details the techniques and rituals of yoni egg practice, aiming to dispel fears and reservations about its use and reveal its profound benefits for body, mind, and spirit. She explains how the yoni is not merely a body part, but the portal to greater wisdom and self-knowledge--your temple of the sacred feminine. Providing an anatomical guide to the yoni, she shows how it contains reflexology points and energy meridians that can be worked with through different placements of the yoni egg. She offers detailed instructions for yoni egg exercises, including how to use a yoni egg for the first time, and explores how these techniques can help you have more intense orgasms, prevent urinary incontinence and other women’s health issues, prepare for and recover from childbirth, release trauma and negative emotions trapped within your body, boost your confidence and femininity, and unlock access to your inner source of creativity and wisdom.

For more info and/or to order this book, click here.  Also available as a Kindle edition.

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Lilou Macé is a French-American author, speaker, and webTV interviewer. Inspired by Oprah Winfrey, she has interviewed thousands of experts and scientists since 2006 from all over the world about the art of creating a conscious, healthy, and fulfilling life, posting her interviews on her website and YouTube channel, where she now has over 70 million video views. She lives in Bordeaux, France.

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