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Astrological Overview: May 13 - 19, 2024

Astrologer Pam Younghans writes this weekly astrological journal based on planetary influences, and offers perspectives and insights to assist you in making the best use of current energies. This column is not intended as prediction. Your own experience will be more specifically defined by transits to your personal chart.

Aspects of Note this Week:

All times listed are Pacific Standard Time. For Eastern Time, add 3 hours; Add 7 hours for Universal Time (UT), but add 8 hours for BST.

Monday: Sun conjunct Uranus, Venus sextile Saturn
Tuesday: No major aspects are exact today
Wednesday: Mercury enters Taurus
Thursday: Chiron square Ceres, Venus trine Ceres
Friday: Mercury square Pluto, Mars semisquare Jupiter, Mercury semisquare Saturn
Saturday: Venus conjunct Uranus, Sun conjunct Jupiter
Sunday: Sun sextile Neptune, Mars conjunct North Node


SOLAR MAXIMUM? Even if you don't monitor solar flare activity, you may be familiar with the term "Solar Maximum" or have read about it happening in 2024. To explain: the Sun has cycles of activity that last about 11 years, on average (the shortest on record lasted nine years, the longest more than 13 years). Each cycle begins at Solar Minimum, when there are relatively few sunspots and usually only minor solar flares. Activity then reaches a peak about five or six years later, when the sunspot number is high and solar flares increase in both quantity and intensity. 

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The peak of each solar cycle is called Solar Maximum. After it occurs, sunspots and flare activity gradually diminish until Solar Minimum is reached, which is when that cycle ends and a new one begins.

Our current Solar Cycle (number 25) began at Solar Minimum in December 2019. Scientists first predicted that Solar Maximum would occur in July 2025, but the Sun has its own timeline! Based on current assessments, the forecast is now for the peak of Solar Cycle 25 to occur sometime this calendar year.

My reason for bringing this up is because of the intensity of solar activity we've seen since the first of May. Over the past 11 days, we've had 85 M-class solar flares and 10 X-class eruptions, one of which was the strongest flare of the current solar cycle. (X-class is the highest magnitude, M-class the next highest.) If we aren't yet at Solar Maximum, we're at least very close.

SOLAR FLARE EFFECTS: We experience some of the effects of a solar flare almost immediately, since the photonic energy of the eruption travels at the speed of light. A long-term study done by HeartMath Institute, published in the February 2018 issue of Scientific Reports, shows that strong solar flares can affect our autonomic nervous system (ANS). The ANS controls our breathing, heartbeat, and digestion. This is why those who are sensitive to the flares may experience heart palpitations, digestive upsets, and other symptoms. As with all energies, some people are more affected than others.

With some flares, a physical cloud of plasma and debris is released, called a coronal mass ejection (CME). That CME is carried away from the Sun's surface by the solar winds. If those winds are headed in Earth's direction, they can affect us in profound ways.

Depending on the speed of the solar wind, it takes three to five days for a CME to travel the distance from the Sun to Earth. When it arrives, the CME interacts with the Earth's magnetic field, causing geomagnetic storms and auroral displays in the higher latitudes. When multiple CMEs arrive at the same time ~ which is what has happened in the past few days ~ the geomagnetic storms strengthen in effect and auroras can be seen at much lower latitudes than usual.

Like solar flares, geomagnetic storms can cause physical symptoms, not only in humans but in other animals as well. Published studies show that geostorms affect the brain's "coherence function values," our cardiovascular systems, and more.

A METAPHYSICAL PERSPECTIVE: In addition to the physical symptoms we may experience with solar flares and geomagnetic storms, our emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies are also affected. Each energy body has its own field, and these fields are impacted by the electromagnetic activity.

Researcher Oleg Shumilov studied solar cycles and found a connection between heightened geomagnetic activity and episodes of emotional reactivity. Other studies show a strong correlation between times of Solar Maximum and social unrest and rebellion. This is thought to be due to the impact of solar flares and geomagnetic activity on the electromagnetics of the human brain. 

Heather Carlini, from the Carlini Institute for Therapy, Research, and Transpersonal Education, explains how photonic energy ~ the bright light seen at the time of a solar flare ~ works with us:

"Lower emotions are low-frequency energy stored in our cells from past experiences and traumas that we have encountered and never processed. Photon energy is a much higher frequency energy that pulls up the lower emotional frequency so it can calibrate to the higher frequency; thus we find ourselves releasing emotions such as sadness and grief without knowing why. The elements of our blueprint are interfaced in the cellular consciousness, and when the blueprint is amplified through photon energies, various elements of the blueprint leak into your consciousness and we begin to remember our soul’s purpose."

Our bodies must work overtime to assimilate the energies received from solar flares and geomagnetic storms, and they require extra water for this process. Electrolyte fluids are especially important, to help our cells, nerves, and muscles maintain functionality. Also advised during Solar Maximum: omega-3 oils (to assist mitochondria), B vitamins (to help the nervous system and brain function), Epsom salt baths (for physical pain), and essential oils such as lavender to calm and uplift the mood.

 Here are my brief interpretations of this week's most important planetary aspects: 
Sun conjunct Uranus: The life-changing potentials of the current lunar cycle are highlighted as the Taurus Sun aligns with Uranus today. We may feel a heightened nervous energy with this alignment, but also a sense of hopeful anticipation about the possibilities that lie ahead. We are more willing to let go of the past and eager to feel free of restrictions now. If circumstances do not allow us authentic self-expression, this conjunction can inspire radical or surprising actions in an attempt to break free. Since Uranus is the transpersonal planet of Higher Consciousness, this is also a time when we could have exciting insights and are able to access our intuition and Higher Self more directly.
Venus sextile Saturn: This aspect helps stabilize relationships. It also reassures us that we are not alone, that there is support for us on both physical and spiritual levels.
No major aspects are exact today.
Mercury enters Taurus: Mercury is traveling very quickly right now, and will be in Taurus for less than three weeks, from May 15 to June 3. While the Messenger Planet is in the sign of The Bull, our minds tend to be more practical and we rely more on common sense than on wishful thinking. We may prefer to focus on only one subject or task at a time, but must be mindful of becoming too fixed in our ideas and agendas.
Chiron square Ceres, Venus trine Ceres: While we are drawn to the comforts of family relationships today, we may also experience reminders of core wounds that were initiated in childhood. The influence of tomorrow's Mercury-Pluto square will be strong tonight, since it perfects shortly after midnight.
Mercury square Pluto: The need to speak our minds and the search for truth feel more urgent now. People may be especially blunt or confrontational, leading to conflict and power struggles. But if we are openminded, important insights are possible.
Mars semisquare Jupiter: People can act impulsively or quickly react in anger with this influence.
Mercury semisquare Saturn: This aspect increases a tendency to worry or pessimistic thinking. It can also indicate obstacles to clear communication.
Venus conjunct Uranus: A strong need for new experiences influences our choices in relationship and in financial matters. We seek new forms of pleasure and may make unexpected decisions.
Sun conjunct Jupiter: This alignment increases optimism and generosity. Some may be inspired to take a grand leap of faith. The caution is not to overdo, but to be mindful of your energy levels.
Sun sextile Neptune: Intuition is heightened and we find it easier to go with the flow today.
Mars conjunct North Node: Independent action is supported, and we are able to move beyond old patterns of codependency.



You are entering a very lively year, where your life will feel highly energized. Relationships, the creative arts, and your core values are high on the list of priorities, but are also areas where you may experience changes. Perhaps surprising your usually cautious Taurus self, you are restless and therefore eager to take action to make your life more interesting and exciting. It will be important not to act too impulsively or to be a "rebel without a cause"; but if you remember to use your Taurean common sense, wonderful opportunities open up, especially in your spiritual journey and in your ability to feel aligned with your higher purpose. (Solar Return Sun conjunct Venus, semisquare Mars, conjunct Jupiter, conjunct Uranus, sextile Neptune, trine Pluto)


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