Written by Lara M. Sabanosh and Narrated by Marie T. Russell.

One of the greatest regrets in life is being
what others would want you to be,
rather than being yourself.

                                          ?Shannon L. Alder, author, inspirational therapist

Jan 9, 2015, Christopher Tur, a civilian worker at Guantanamo Bay’s Naval Base, went missing. Two days later, his body was found. As his wife, I was left to deal with the aftermath of what took place at the time, and the events leading up to that moment, forcing me to examine more than twenty years of abuse -- and the denial and deceits that occur in all households subjected to domestic violence.

As with nearly all trauma, there is a measure of healing to be gained in the sharing of my story — healing for myself, my daughters, and hopefully others who live in the shadow of domestic violence.

Here is some insight into how I was finally able to rebuild my sense of self...

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Book by this Author:

Caged: The True Story of Abuse, Betrayal, and GTMO

by Lara M. Sabanosh

book cover: Caged: The True Story of Abuse, Betrayal, and GTMO by Lara M. SabanoshLara M. Sabanosh takes readers through the prequel of the main story—the first twenty years of her tumultuous marriage to Christopher Tur—outlines events as she lived them on the night Christopher went missing in Guantanamo Bay’s Naval Base. 

Caged offers a call to action for reform as it relates to domestic violence. Readers from many walks of life—from military buffs to survivors of domestic abuse, from mothers to those caught in others' lies—will find Caged fascinating and emotional. It is an encompassing raw, honest, and inspiring memoir six years in the making.

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About the Author

photo of: Lara SabanoshLara Sabanosh grew up in various parts of the country and for a time, lived overseas in Guantanamo Bay (GTMO), where she was an education service facilitator at the Fleet and Family Support Center and became acting director in December 2013. She spent much of her adult life as a wife, mother and student, eventually completing two doctoral degrees.

Six years in the making, her new book, Caged, is an honest and introspective memoir detailing the never-before-told other side of an international, headline story. Lara is currently retired from government service, residing quietly in Pensacola, Florida, surrounded by her loving family, dogs, and grand puppies.

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