Giant banyan tree in Lahaina, Maui shades a city block.

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Written and Narrated by Will T. Wilkinson.

This is the giant Banyan tree in Lahaina, Maui. It shades a city block. It’s been burned but not destroyed in the fire that has leveled Lahaina, the cultural capital of Hawaii for over 300 years. There are untold numbers of dead and burn victims, thousands of homes and businesses have been incinerated … this is a tragedy unparalleled since the 1960 tsunami.

This is much more than a local catastrophe. Maui exists as a special place for millions of people all over the world, from those who revere it as one of the world’s sacred sites to tourists who come to reboot their lives. It’s also personally significant. My wife and I met there in 1993. We were married and lived there for seven years, moved back two years ago, enjoy a wonderful community of loving friends there and our rental home is currently sublet to a friend while we’re here in our cabin in the Oregon woods. We will return in October/November, to a very different island than the one we left.

Maui, the heart center of our world, is burning.

The earth has seven chakras and many consider Maui to be the heart chakra, because the energy at the top of the Haleakala volcano transmits the same frequency as our beating hearts. (Schumann Resonance at 7.8 cycles per second).

This fourth chakra is called “Anahata” in Sanskrit, which loosely translates to “unstruck, unhurt, or unbroken." This seems especially ironic now, since what’s happening on Maui is so heart breaking. But this reveals an opportunity - to personalize and internalize the energy of this heart chakra. If the land is burned and broken and can no longer accurately reveal the beauty of the heart - at least temporarily - can our personal hearts provide that resonance instead?

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“Our prayers are with you”

Disasters often prompt prayers. “Our prayers are with you,” government officials say... but one wonders what this actually means. It seems more like a momentary thing plus the politically correct thing to say.

In this case, we are called to offer something far more substantial. Our hearts are being invited into special service, for the sake of the whole world, because this fire has created a dangerous imbalance. As they said in Star Wars, there’s been a tremor in the force. The world’s energetic grid has been disrupted. It will take much more than building materials and financial aid to restore it.

You, if you are reading this, have a part to play in this healing … right now. How do I know that? You wouldn’t still be reading unless you do; you’re not an idle spectator here, you’re a participant. You have a heart, you have the ability to create an intention, you can direct energy. So, I invite you to participate with me in a live transmission as you read. I am writing and you are reading in this same quantum moment, beyond time and space. We are together, in the deepest sense possible, and I am welcoming you into my intention, which you may share if you choose, an intention for something more than a return to “normal” on Maui.

Towards continued transformation...

My prayer is for continued transformation. The fire has disrupted what was. Can it be a prelude to what will be, something different, better, more loving and real on Maui? Can Maui become less of a tourist destination and more of the sacred site it has always been? Can the emphasis shift? I am holding this possibility in my heart right now and welcoming this up-leveling, however that might look, whatever it might mean.

I’m sitting in silent prayer for a few minutes right now with this thought. Please join me.

Well, the responsibility lands in me. And you. Can I change the emphasis in my personal life, that it be more about the quality of love I express than anything else, all the stuff that seemed so important before? How about you? Can you honor this Maui catastrophe by adopting a changed personal priority, to activate your heart to broadcast that Haleakala heart frequency of 7.8 cycles per second?

And, can I/you/we sustain that? How long? How consistently? Can we provide an energetic bridge to span the “time” it will take to revive the Maui transmission?

From intention to practice

It takes practice to become good at anything. Those who say “My prayers are with you” are well intentioned. But how skilled are they? How much practicing are they doing? To become an effective prayer warrior, as some call it, requires disciplined training. I meditate every morning and evening. My watch goes off at noon every day and I focus in then. Countless times during each day I pause and breathe and direct healing attention towards someone, something. This is my work and I will always be improving through practice and honest self-reflection.

Thank you for stepping up to the challenge this “accident” offers. Yes, the disaster happened thousands of miles away to people we don’t know, at least for most of us. But I hope these words bring it much closer, I hope you will make heart transmission your priority now. 

Finally, to quote a long time mentor who well understood the power of love and surely anticipated the special challenges we face in the world today (Maui won’t be the last one): “Let love radiate, without concern for results.”

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