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When your innate desire for goodness and truth becomes larger than any outcome, you connect directly to source and mystery. When you imbue your inner mind–heart field with the acceptance of life’s great mysteries, these great wonders become alive to you every single day—the unknowns, the magic, the wonder of seeing through the eyes of a child, nature’s most epic beauty, how the trees communicate, how animals migrate and hibernate, how fossils are formed, how mountains move, the solar system and the starry night sky. This mysterious and wondrous attitude—to be always asking, to be curious, to have a thirst for learning—will train your inner being to see with beauty.

You cannot master or control these great mysteries in life. Yet when you can open yourself up to the vibrational fields of earthly and cosmic rhythms, you attune to their potent source of energy. This shifts you out of a focus on lack, scarcity, and powerlessness into a calm, grounded, and vast inner knowing. You become a part of the cycle. You are no longer separate from this rhythmic cosmic vibrational field of energy.

When you get swept up in inner turmoil, indecision, low self-worth, and lack of purpose, you lose your connection to that energy field. You lose your grounding and begin spinning. You may begin to falsely feed your ego and that of others.

In order to clear your energy field you must harness the power of setting healthy boundaries. This could include personal, relationship, career, political, media, spiritual, and energetic boundaries.

What Creates Imbalance In Your Life?

How much energy do you absorb that does not feel good inside you? Understanding what depletes your energy is key to setting healthy boundaries. Begin by tracking what creates imbalance in your life. This could be anything from food or liquid intake, to conversations, relationships, and habitual patterns, to excess time spent on media, to lack of sleep and toxic thought patterns.

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When you become aware of these imbalances simply accept that this is so, release judgment, and allow this to become the catalyst to move your energy in a new way. Once you have a sense of this kind of depletion, you will naturally choose to redirect your attention and your actions towards what builds your inner strength.

Checking-in With Daily Mindful and Soulful Rituals

Committing to daily mindful and soulful rituals is essential in order to keep your energy field clear. The first place to begin clearing your own energy field is to begin a daily mindful ritual. It could be as simple as lighting a candle first thing in the morning, writing down your gratitudes, walking quietly and intentionally in nature, or taking a candle-lit bath; whatever you choose, you must find ways that support you to come home inside yourself. This is “you” time. Think of it as filling up your inner temple with goodness. It’s a way to check in and perhaps understand what energy you might be holding on to, what thoughts might be ruling you, or where you may be playing the victim.

If you consciously “check-in” like this every day without expecting a certain outcome, you will begin to form an intimate relationship with your inner being, your essential higher self. It will become like a conversation you would have with your best friend, except you will be having it with yourself. Building a force field of energy all around you comes through steady and daily awareness. It’s natural to fall off your rhythm, and sometimes it can be incredibly powerful to do so in order to remember how to get back on the path.

The inner mystic in you needs to be expressed fully, no longer hiding in the shadows or putting on the façade that everything is okay all the time. You feel deeply, and through this, you learn how to work with all energies that come into your force field.

Guided Visualization: Reclaim and Restore Your Vitality

1 Scan back from this present moment to all the times you felt shamed in your life. All the experiences that broke your self-esteem down. Not to dwell on them, but to truly observe them, like a mini-death of sorts.

2 Bring to mind the parts of your essence that became lost or fragmented through your life experience, for example, a painful experience that left you feeling depleted.

3 As you track back in time, visualize your current self compassionately picking up all of your lost parts, the parts of your spirit that left you or shut down for protection. Keep going all the way to childhood; you may even have some memories of being an infant.

4 Focus your attention on weaving these lost parts back into your solar plexus. Visualize the flame of a candle brightening each time a part of you comes home.

5 There may be memories that come unexpectedly. Stay with your breath, continuing to hunt for all positive pieces of yourself. There may be moments where you can forgive yourself or others, and there may be moments of sadness, anger, fear, and doubt. Let it all come. Leave no stone unturned. Trust you are the healer now. You get to choose and reclaim your lost parts.

6 Visualize a cloak or a cape that holds all of your life experiences in right relation and peace inside you now—a celebration of all the shames now liberated, the fears transformed, the what ifs, should haves, could haves. Celebrate your renewal and your integrated esteemed self rising.

7 Once you feel that you have gathered all your lost parts, visualize yourself in a sacred landscape where you build a ceremonial fire. Gather the wood and light it. Give it offerings that are symbolic to your return to your whole self. There may be imprints of anger, grief, fear, and shame. Let it pour out of you and give it to the fire now. There may be words, sounds, shapes, symbols, and colors that want to be expressed. There may be joy, relief, and calm as a newfound sense of freedom—nothing holding you back anymore. Embrace what comes through you; repress nothing. You are supported and protected and safe in this place. Offer the fire a sacred gift that will seal this newfound sense of inner power and autonomy.

8 Open yourself to receive support and guidance from your compassionate guides and your intuition. Let it swirl deep into the marrow of your bones. Again, there may be a gift given or received here. Open fully while you are in this sacred space to receive insight.

9 Seal this code of inner radiance with any guiding symbols, words, or inspirations; a direct call to action may come forward. A project, a path, a creative pursuit, a relationship, a healing, a forgiveness, or an energetic vibration that serves the greater good in you in service to the world.

Empowerment Letter to Your Esteemed Self

Use the template below for personal empowerment and connection to your intuition and your compassionate guides. If you are inspired, write your own poem, prayer, or letter of commitment to your esteemed self, as if you are speaking directly to your inner radiance. If you can see it, you will feel it.

Dear Guides (or Dear Intuition),

I open myself fully to receive support from you at this time in my life. I am open, ready, and willing. I will listen and take supportive actions towards my personal healing process.

I am empowered, I am anchored. Like fire itself, I am a vessel for rapid transformation. As toxic energies come towards me or through me, I know I am capable of working with them. I gracefully allow the negative pieces to fall away as my inner fire grows brighter. My shimmer extends far and wide.

Next time I doubt myself, I will stay open and ask, “What is the lesson here in this situation? Where can I raise my own vibration and stay true to my journey?” I can turn a situation around by stepping into my power, listening, softening my defensive reactions, speaking only my truth, and slaying the patterns of victim-shaming in my life.

My radiance has a ripple effect that begins deep inside my inner temple and extends beyond what I know is reachable. I trust these moments as I leap, fly, dive, spin, twirl, and shimmer. All the while, the sacred moves through me, around me, and out of me.

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Ritual as Remedy: Embodied Practices for Soul Care
by Mara Branscombe

book cover of Ritual as Remedy: Embodied Practices for Soul Care by Mara BranscombeA step-by-step guide to potent self-care and soul-care rituals that awaken freedom, joy, intuition, self-love, and your inner mystic. 

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photo of Mara Branscombe, author of Ritual as RemedyMara Branscombe is a yoga and meditation teacher, writer, mother, artist, ceremonialist, and spirit coach, who finds great joy in leading others along the path of self-transformation. She is passionate about weaving the art of mindfulness, self-care, mind-body practices, and earth-based rituals into her offerings. 

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