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Things are sure coming to the surface lately. It seems that issues we have managed to avoid for years are now rearing their heads to be faced. Our way of dealing with reality, or in some cases of avoiding dealing with reality, has come back to haunt us.

Procrastination has been a biggie for me. My most common procrastination 'case' has been the avoidance of situations that I didn't consciously know how to resolve. Rather than face the problem, go within, and find a solution, I have, like the ostrich, stuck my head in the sand. In instances when it involved telling someone something I felt they would not like to hear, I put it off to avoid what I feared would be an unpleasant confrontation.

I have procrastinated until either the situation was in the past and forgotten (I hoped) or, more likely, until it came to a head, exploded, and could not be put off any longer. In other cases, the task at hand seemed either so boring or unpleasant, that I delayed taking action and let it pile up (i.e. filing, washing dishes, cleaning up, doing laundry, etc.),

Unfortunately, I have found that procrastination does not make the situation easier, as I hoped it might have. On the contrary, when we delay dealing with something, whether it is something as material as filing, or something as intangible as 'unresolved situations' between people, time only serves to compound the error.

In most of the situations that have reached crisis proportions, I had delayed communication on specific issues because my personality self did not want to be in an uncomfortable situation. Yet what might have started as a small problem can boil up to a major confrontation because it was not dealt with at the beginning. The wound festers and eventually must be dealt with.

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So again, it becomes obvious that procrastination does not serve us at all. We need to face the issues that come up in our lives as they come up. If we avoid dealing with them, the universe will simply keep bringing up the same or similar situations, each time a little bit more intensely, until we face whatever it is we need to face.

The Root of Procrastination

In order to uproot this habit, we need to take a closer look at its cause. After all, procrastination is only a symptom or manifestation of something else. What then is the root cause of procrastination? As I sift through the occurrences where I have postponed what I could have dealt with right then, I see that though the justifications (excuses) are numerous, the cause is one.

I find that procrastination has to do with believing that I do not know how to deal with something or someone. Yet that boils down to lack of trust in myself, and lack of trust in my Higher Self and the Higher Self of others.

When we trust in the Highest Good, we are aware that we can always harmoniously work out situations that come up to our awareness. We can tap into our inner wisdom and the right path will be revealed. We can choose to put away doubt and fear, and walk hand in hand with our Higher Self, the inner teacher, and the Universal Power. The guidance is always there. The inner voice of truth is always whispering to us and showing us the direction to take.

When we silence the confusing voices of fear, justification, procrastination, judgment, and anger, whether outer or inner directed, we can hear Higher Self leading us to a path of joy, love, and peace. Trusting, acting, and speaking with love and trust in the Ultimate Good will bring us peace within and with our neighbors.

If a situation is present in your life, you have the inner resources to resolve it. You can choose to look forward to finding what messages and wisdom these situations and people are bringing you, or you can procrastinate. Delaying looking at them only delays the discovery of the gifts they bring.

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