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“Each of us is intended to be a blessing
to all the earth: the animal world,
the vegetable world, the mineral world,
the human world.”
                                            -- Joel S. Goldsmith

There is such a need in the world today of the most tender and immense compassion and deeper, more unselfed caring and giving. Blessing is one simple and efficient way of doing it. It is also an amazing tool for learning instantaneous, unconditional forgiveness, a practice upon which, given our dramatic divisions in the world, our survival as a race literally depends.

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Blessing for People Suffering from Depression

According to WHO (January 2020)  globally, more than 264 million people of all ages suffer from depression. Depression is a leading cause of disability worldwide and is a major contributor to the overall global burden of disease.

Before giving this blessing, take the time to really enter your heart and from that holiest of shrines allow yourself to feel an overflowing compassion for all those round the world suffering from this particularly aggressive manifestation of separation from Source.

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Our heart goes out to our brothers and sisters worldwide suffering from depression.

May a ray of heavenly light pierce their heavy gloom.

May a vision of hope reverse any self-destructive plans that might come to their mind.

May the power of radical forgiveness shatter all heavy thoughts of failure, doubt, self-accusation, and any kind of suggestion that would attempt to hide from them the infinite beauty of their true spiritual essence and identity.

May any of the innumerable forms Grace takes to pull its children out of the pit of self-despondency and fear – an encounter, a book, some new therapy or totally unexpected breakthrough – bless their lives.

And we bless ourselves with the clear spiritual vision of the perfect oneness of all Your children with Source so that the healing power of this vision may reach all those open to its blessing.

Do not leave this blessing without returning to the feeling of deep compassion which sent your blessing into the world and staying with it – that will firmly anchor your blessing in its healing mission.

* * * * *

Blessing for Spiritual Seekers

We are in a period of unprecedented, challenging and exciting change. In all areas, old structures are falling away or being challenged, including in the field of religion and spirituality. More and more people are undertaking an individual spiritual quest for their right spiritual niche.

This blessing is for them.  

I bless all those who are on an honest spiritual quest.

I bless them in their courage to break away from old moorings that keep them in stagnant waters and to embark onto the unchartered territories of their soul and the moving seas of spiritual adventure.

I bless them in their firm determination to continue seeking until they find the pearl of great price and the “peace that passes all understanding.”

I bless them, above all else, in their ability to be true to themselves, wherever it may take them and to hold firm to their vision whatever the pressures from family, friends, religious bodies and “authorities” of all sorts to  conform.

* * * * *

The following quotation is by my dear friend Roger W. McGowen, who found his spiritual path on death row where he spent 25 years for a crime of which many, his lawyer and I included, are absolutely certain he is totally innocent. Roger has become a spiritual guide for many, me included.

We are what we are looking for.
We seek what has not been lost. “
  -- Roger W. McGowen

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