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There are many ways and angles to work with long-haul Covid, but in my experience the most important place to return to is the awareness that you are not a disease. Your spirit is made of unconditional love and is incredibly powerful.

The power of your spirit can overcome this illness as it exists in the body. Make that your mantra. Sing, chant, dance, and pray to awaken and nourish what you are: love and fire.

Determination, Focus, Discipline

Find the right medicines that your own body is telling you you need. Try to take on the mind of an athlete—believing that you are going to win, no matter how many times you have to start the race over.

It takes determination, focus, and discipline. Return to these empowering qualities again and again. Try to focus on what’s right. Sometimes we are so busy focusing on what’s bad or what’s not right that we forget the parts of us that are just fine. Instead, try looking at what’s right and spreading it around.

Your awareness is an integral part of creating your reality. Perhaps you can focus on the good things in your life that bring you joy and the people that you love.

The Call for Help

It’s so important to ask for help, support, and assistance. Ask for help from your community. Being in pain all the time is annoying. In a culture that is connected through technology and social media, we can forget about the simplicity of physical contact and support at times. On the most basic level we need each other to survive.

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Long-haul Covid patients can tend toward isolation when they are sick. There can be the sense that no one else knows what we are going through or could understand, or we are too embarrassed to be seen and not functioning adequately. A common reaction I would encounter was “You’re still sick?”

Long Covid is hard to explain to people who do not understand it. This disease demands that we reach out for help and look toward our community to support us as we come back into balance. It is a real opportunity for growth on many levels for all people involved.

If you are an independent person or a caregiver yourself, you have to allow your friends to show up for you. There are many support groups online with people dealing with the same symptoms. Together we can find the solutions, share them, and climb out.

Many times when I was totally broken and delirious, I called for help. Not only to those seen but also to those unseen. When you call on Ascended Masters and helper angels (Jesus, Mother Mary, St. Germain, Quan Yin, Archangel Michael, and so on), nature spirits and guides, they will come. Place yourself in a humble place, pour out your love, and call for help and listen for guidance. They may send you light in the form of a color; work with bringing that in.

Many benevolent beings are here to help. Some of the intuitive guidance I received came from them. Trust those you love and make the call, then listen for their guidance.

Call on your friends to do a synchronized prayer for you over social media. Have everyone pray for your healing at a set time for a few minutes or so. Better yet, have some friends come over and lay their hands on you, just sending love.

Don’t hesitate to find a good doctor or healer who specializes in long-haul Covid, someone who really gets it and knows how to treat it. A functional or integrative medicine practitioner may be best, because you’re going to need a full spectrum of options.

Taking Back the Power

I spent far too much money on doctors, healers, and pills in my journey with long Covid, to a point where I was obsessing about the illness and healing. I ended up with conflicting pills, protocols, stories, diagnoses, and so on. If you have that same experience, there may come a time when not only can you simply not afford it anymore, but you have to let the “diagnosis” and your association with it go.

If you begin to relate to yourself as someone who is always sick or a “long-hauler,” beware the victim mentality. Ask yourself if you are ready to be done being sick. Consider what it would look like to stop identifying as someone who is sick with long Covid.

Consider focusing on what is right with your body instead of what is wrong. It is easy to get so caught up in thinking about disease that we miss out on what we love. I am sharing this from personal experience.

Forget about how you were in the past. Make a new normal and start from where you are. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t seek help; it means consider letting go of the story and the obsession with needing to heal. You’re going to have to trust that there will be an end point. It just may take time.

Consider whether there is a part of you that is healed, a place that is not sick. Access that place as much as you can, let go of the story of why, and focus on what is. Use your intuition to help guide you how to heal. What’s your body saying? It is your body, after all.


Have fun and laugh. Do what you love: sing, dance, make art, make love, go jump in the river, reach out to others who are suffering more than you, and most of all, trust love.

Sometimes laughter can be incredibly healing, even in the most dire of situations. Be sure to make others laugh, watch great comedians, be silly, and even make fun of the disease and yourself.

When we laugh, suddenly things aren’t so serious, and we can let go of some heaviness. Surprisingly, we can sometimes come back to an issue or problem with greater clarity. I never trust a teacher or guru who doesn’t make me laugh.

What Do You Love to Do?

We can spend days and days focused on healing, looking at pills and remedies, doctors’ appointments, books, methods, and so on. We may spend all day thinking about our disease and what to do about it. Or we may be focused on the pain we are in, constantly fretting and moaning about it.

Yes, pain and suffering suck, but sometimes not focusing on it is when we can really heal. I had this vision of myself as an old man, alone and surrounded by piles of manuscripts and scientific research on Covid and other diseases. I was staring at a computer looking for answers, going deep down some wormhole. Yuck. This image was so nauseating to me. Is this what I want? Heck no. My deepest passion is music and art.

Then I had a dream where I was playing music on a big stage, and I woke up with a feeling of passion, of deep fire and desire. Yes! This is what I want.

So focus on what you love and the people you love. Distract yourself from the suffering. Make art. Pick up a paintbrush, create a junk sculpture in the backyard, call up that person, get voice lessons. You get the idea. Stay focused on what you love, even if you’re doing it from your bed.

Burying Emotional Pain?

I have met many people with long-haul Covid who struggle with stuck emotions: they feel disconnected, dissatisfied, and disaffected. Burying emotional pain is a form of psychological or spiritual bypass, and it leads to disembodiment—we are not fully present in our body or our lives. Having felt this way before myself, I believe that it is precisely this disembodiment or nonpresence that can make us more susceptible to sickness and less able to heal.

Processing emotional issues and unsticking stuck feelings is an important part of supporting our energetic immunity. Taking responsibility for what is not working in our life is the first step to healing.

Disease as a Teacher

You need courage to be here, to heal your wounds, even if you don’t want to. Sometimes the way out is through the pain. You are not alone, and realizing that in and of itself helps calm pain. There are allies, doctors, and healers supporting you on this path of healing, and it can become a path of awakening if our journey teaches us to embrace stronger boundaries, greater love, and full embodiment.

If we can see disease as a teacher, we may transform our perspective on what disease is. Doing so opens an exploration into our impermanence, the truth that someday we will have to let go of these bodies. What does acknowledgment of impermanence teach us? The answers are ours to discover through realizations of the mysteries.

Consider praying for and blessing the success and joy of others, even those you are jealous of or dislike. Allow any wall around your heart to fall; let your heart be a conduit that gives and receives only love. Keep it open, you will heal quicker. Love like there’s no tomorrow because there might not be.

Asking the Questions

Each moment is a new opportunity to look deep inside:
     * What do you have to let go of?
     * Whose voice are you listening to: fear or love?

It’s important to have a sense of curiosity when you ask these questions. Notice if your inner monologue goes to judgment, and see if you can invite the voice of compassion. Treat yourself like you would treat a small child who is still learning.

It’s only through becoming aware of our issues that we can do the work needed to transform them. It begins with choosing to listen to the voice of love, no matter what. It also takes verifying any intuitive information that you receive with love. Hold fast and trust love as if it were your last day on Earth.

The Time for Healing

In the end, healing from long Covid just may take time. A lot of time. You will get there. The spike proteins will flush out, the old autoantibodies will die off, and your body will return to normal.

Your immune system can restore itself. You just may have to be patient. It’s a marathon, not a sprint. One step at a time.

What can our disease teach us? How can we learn from long-haul Covid?

Choosing to say yes to disease as our teacher, rather than allowing ourselves to become the victim, is ultimately choosing love over fear. When we make a conscious choice of trusting love, regardless of what is happening, we become a reflection of a love that is much greater than our sense of self. It calls us first to recognize and then surrender to that greater love or divinity as it moves through us. Sometimes it can happen in unexpected or undesirable ways.

Therein lies the journey: healing the suffering of the body and mind with the love of our spirit, which I believe is the truth of who we are. It is the spark of love that lights the fire of our healing, starting from inside and radiating out.

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BOOK: Healing Therapies for Long Covid

Healing Therapies for Long Covid: An Integrative and Intuitive Guide to Recovering from Post-Acute Covid
by Vir McCoy.

book cover of: BOOK: Healing Therapies for Long Covid Healing Therapies for Long Covid by Vir McCoyEarly in the pandemic, Vir McCoy contracted Covid-19, which developed into post-acute sequelae of Covid (PASC), commonly known as long Covid or long-haul Covid. As a medical intuitive and scientist he began collecting both intuitive information and extensive scientific and medical research about the nature of long-haul Covid. Integrating his intuitive impressions with other protocols and support group success stories, he developed this comprehensive healing guide for successful recovery options from long Covid.

The author discusses the primary symptoms and predispositions of long Covid and outlines the basic steps for dealing with each of them, including brain fog, tinnitus, loss of smell and hair, debilitating headaches, hormonal dysregulation, immune malfunction, limbic system dysfunction, gut issues, mental instability, sleeplessness, and intolerance to certain foods. Backed up by more than 350 scientific references, he presents medicines and methods for healing long Covid.

For more info and/or to order this book, click here.  Also available as a Kindle edition. 

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Vir McCoyVir McCoy is a teacher, healer, author, lecturer, musician, and ecologist who works both as a bodywork healer and as a field biologist and botanist focusing on endangered species.

Vir has the brain of a scientist and the soul of an artist, which has made for good company.  He has a vast knowledge of herbs, supplements, homeopathics, and antibiotics. 

After suffering from Lyme disease (2001-2009) he was able to make a full recovery, and then again with Long Haul Covid by becoming a medical intuitive, and has written two published books on the subjects.

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