Taurus Sun Sign - Taurus CharacteristicsTaurus Sun Sign - Taurus Characteristics

Taurus Sun-sign: April 21 -May 21

Taurus, to function properly, need to live their lives in the knowledge that they have the security of a regular income and a stable emotional relationship. When this is achieved they are in the right position to achieve a great deal. Their most outstanding virtue is patience, they will plod very steadily onwards, and soon learn that short cuts are usually disastrous for them. 

Taurusneed a steady, predictable routine, but the sort of rut in which they may get themselves will increase their sense of much-needed security and, within its confines, they will achieve much. But Taurus must also make something of an effort to break new ground, do new and different things, and be open to the opinions of others in order to move with the times and to make sure that they are not missing out on life as it is actually being lived by other people.

Taurus Sun Sign - Taurus CharacteristicsVisit a Taurus's home and you will relax on comfortable cushions, find the colors used in decoration pleasing, and the place not lacking in beautiful things which will have cost the Taurus rather more than he or she can actually afford. This might seem superficial, but these outward expressions form an important part of the whole Taurus motivation.

Possessions to the Taurus Are Very Important

Possessions to the Taurus are very important. In fact, possessiveness is the major Taurus fault. The two go together. Taurus love to own beautiful things, and they really do need to be aware that their partner is not an extension of this basic urge. The realization that no one can actually be possessed by another can be a cause of real heartache to Taurus . The sooner they learn to adopt a self-analytical and critical attitude in their expression of love the better, as this can help them to express themselves in a less claustrophobic way towards their partners.

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Most Taurus have a happy knack either of making money or doing a great deal with what they have. They combine this with the ability to build up their own businesses and often with the aid of a more adventurous partner will achieve much. They also do extremely well in banking or working for large multinational companies, as their need for financial security is then taken care of, and they can express themselves in the knowledge that the regular pay-check will arrive when expected.

Taurus Physical Challenge

The Taurus body-area is the throat; colds often begin here, with a sore throat or loss of voice. Taureans have the reputation of being the best looking people in the Zodiac, due partly to their ruling planet which is Venus. But because most Taureans love rich food, with heavy sweet things being particular favorites, they have a tendency to put on weight. Also, they are often slow movers and so do not burn up their additional calories very quickly, so a conscious and continual check on the amount of food and wine they consume is essential if they are going to keep the good looks they so often have when they are young.

Taurus And the Family

Taurus  make kind and loving parents, but tend to spoil their children with too many expensive presents. They can be on the strict side when disciplining their children, which may or may not be a good thing according to the individual child. Taurus children are delightful, but it is important for their parents not to rush them. Slow, steady progress is their way, and no sudden bursts should be expected. But once a Taurus has learned something, excellent powers of retention come into play. 

Many Taurus are extremely musical and it can become an important form of self-expression for them if they study singing or a musical instrument. To others the appreciation of music is important. Some will get great satisfaction from embroidery, sewing, pottery, and sculpture. Basically artistic and appreciative of the arts, they sometimes need encouragement to get a round to spending time and energy in this direction. It is good when involvement along these lines occurs, since it is one way of preventing any tendency towards being marginally sybaritic at times.



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